Edible Landscape Design and Install

We dream of productive, water wise landscapes that please the eyes, the heart and the soul.

Organic Landscape Care and Maintenance

We feed your plants just what they need when they need it, saving you money and making your outdoor spaces look better, making you feel better.

Consulting and Pure Design

Sometimes all you need is a little advice and encoragement to come up with a great plan.


Food Forest

Growing our own food makes us feel great and brings us closer together but it sure can seem like such a challenge sometimes.  As more awareness evolves around soil health and its direct link to plant health and OUR Health, these challenges become easier to solve.  One technique which is a powerful soil builder as well as food producer is designing Food Forests:

  • Diverse, intense, intercropping edible perennial garden system
  • Reduces water, fertilizers, time and money
  • Builds soil fertility, producing more food
  • Creates beautiful natural habitats by utilizing native flowering plants

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