When we begin a design, that is begin to visualize a future reality and begin to put pen to paper to create this future, we dream as if we were children. Well, some of us do. The vast majority of us do not allow ourselves to dream what is possible, not even in our own backyard where we hold domain over more life than stars in our galaxy. We trip ourselves up by what we heard or read. Maybe we are even basing it on our own direct experiences which tells us we have a “black” thumb. I had honestly never heard that term until I was 30 years old. The fact is, if we can’t check our insecurities at the door we are never going to realize our true potential. We must come at this with confidence and foolish optimism. What do we have to lose? As long as it is inside our heads it never has the opportunity to be disregarded as a bad idea. It is our responsibility to at least get it etched out on the page. Even if it is nothing more than a “well, it’s a good idea but let’s hold off on it for now,” it is out there in the world and not in our heads. To put it more directly, dream it, draw it and then talk about it. But don’t hold back. We all have vision, each and everyone of us. We just have to kick the habit of telling ourselves that we don’t when we really do. One designer I admire for his beautiful gardens as well as insightful philosophy is Madison Cox. Think of him when you look out upon the backyard and feel overwhelmed:

“Good gardens demand a lot of research and patience. Along the way there will be amendments, detours and, sometimes, reversals. There’s no such thing as a beautiful ‘instant’ garden.”
~Madison Cox